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The Custom Fab Way

Learn more about us and why we have been leading the industry for over

20 years. 

Crown King Fire

About the Company

Custom Fab and Body is a modern manufacturing facility with flexibility of design and a variety of product offerings.  We have highly trained employees that utilize high tech fabrication equipment, design on CAD workstations in a networked environment, and take pride and care in assembling our quality products.



We will not cut corners in quality, design, or material in effort to lower costs.  I believe this practice is only a another way to shorten a products’ life span.  This company draws from the employee's years of experience, personal training, and their talent and ingenuity to allow for a superior product at a very competitive price.


It is sometimes difficult to find a company that will take the time to listen to the customers, integrate their design requirements, and understand their financial needs.    We are that company.  We will always listen to you and consider your requirements.  Do our best to understand your expectations and do what we can to design a custom product that will meet your needs.


Originally located at W13910 US Hwy 45, Tigerton WI, Custom Fab and Body was started in 1994 with a welder, a shear and a homemade brake in a 40’ X 60’ building.   Production was completed in the evenings and weekends.

During the early years, purchases and acquisitions were carefully considered and planned.  In April of 1998 a new 90-ton ironworker was purchased to meet the increased demand of custom fabrication parts.


In December of 1998, a new Piranha All Steel computerized 10’ shear was purchased to grow production and improve the accuracy of the sheared items.

Two additional welders were purchased in June of 1999 to keep pace with steadily increasing production.


A new Accupress 250-ton computerized 12’ brake press was added to our production facility in the fall of 1999.  This purchase allowed us to improve the accuracy of our overall product.


In May of 2000, another two new aluminum welders and a new TIG welder were purchased to keep up with the high demand of aluminum products in our production mix.


A 36’ x 72’ building addition was added in December of 2000, to provide room for the increased demand in production at the Tigerton location.


Delivery in January 2001 of a new Euromac computerized control punch press allowed us to further increase production and provide more accurate material fabrication prior to forming operations.  The Euromac also allowed for greater speed, accuracy and exact replication of parts and assemblies.


Wayne Block, the owner of Custom Fab and Body, worked at Marion Body Works in the fabrication department, was lead man for the utility body department, and worked in the fire and rescue department.   Wayne acquired a total of 15 years of fabrication and manufacturing background before his departure from Marion in June of 1999 to concentrate on the growing business.


In May of 2001, Bruce Stuhr was hired to help out with the fire and rescue production department, (the fastest growing business component of Custom Fab and Body.)   Bruce brought with him 29 years of experience building fire apparatus.   Bruce has been a volunteer firefighter since 1975 and has served positions of head engineer and fire chief.


The fire and rescue products of Custom Fab and Body really took off with Wayne and Bruce and their combined 44 years of prior experience in fabrication and manufacturing.  Their experience fueled our growth and provided the skillset required in the art of fire apparatus manufacturing.  Providing our customers with the correct products and an accurate assessment of the customer's needs.


The completion of an entirely new facility in January 2007 at 158 U.S. Hwy 45, Marion WI provided much needed room for the increased demand of our commercial and emergency apparatus.  On January 20, 2007 we started full capacity production at our new 15,750 sq. ft building.


In 2016 a Mitsubishi LVPlus ll-3015/45CFR Laser System was added to increase the speed and accuracy in Fab Department. Again, speed and precision were increased by adding state of the art technology with a 2020 Ermak EVOIII Press Brake.


Custom Fab and Body has 16 employees in the shop, and 5 in the office.


   Stay tuned as we continue to make history!

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