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Custom Manufacturing, Custom Truck Bodies,
and Custom Emergency Apparatus

Rescue Tanker
Skid Units Pumper

  Custom Fab and Body is an independent, and family owned, manufacturer of cost competitive and quality engineered truck bodies.  Our products include Fire and Rescue Apparatus -including pump operator compartment(s), Commercial Utility Bodies, custom body compartments, and custom fabricated parts for various industries.  Custom Fab and Body's experienced employees are skilled in the use of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Galvaneal material for our bodies, component assembly and repair.

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The latest web additions...
Cameron Area Fire District, WI Rescue
Green Isle Fire-Rescue, MN Pumper
Ellsworth Fire Dept, WI Tanker
City of Kewaunee Municipal Fire Dept, WI Fast Attack
Middletown-Hardenburgh Fire District, Margaretville NY Pumper
Phoenicia Fire District, NY Pumper

20 years
Truck bodies and custom fabrication since 1994
Pumper Tanker Rescue Skid Utility 5th Wheel Convert Van

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