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Kellnersville, WI

Kellnersville Fire Department, Wisconsin
Commercial Tanker

   This tanker is built on a customer supplied Sterling chassis.  The body is an all aluminum body with compartments each side ahead of the rear wheels.  The compartment doors are Amdor aluminum roll up doors.  The water tank is a United Plastics Fabricating 2200 gallon tank with folding tank storage through the center of the tank above the rear dump valve.  There is an aluminum diamond plate lift up door to enclose the folding tank into the compartment.  At the rear of the apparatus there are three (3) Newton stainless steel manually actuated dump valves with stainless steel telescoping chutes installed.  There is one (1) at the rear center and one (1) each side.  Also at the rear there is a 5” tank fill connection equipped with a Firemans Friend check valve.  The warning lights on the apparatus are all Whelen LED.

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