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Custom Fab and Body Refurbished Apparatus

  We provide "converted chassis" and refurbishment of fire and rescue apparatus to NFPA 1901 and "like new" standards.  Additional tools and information has been provided to update your apparatus with the recent addition of Annex D to NFPA 1901.  / pumpers / rescues / skid units / tankers / text listing /

Commercial Van Refurbish Projects

Commercial Rescue Beverage Service Body Conversion
Arbor Vitae

Commercial Equipment Van Converted Utili-Master Van

Commercial Equipment Van Converted Utili-Master Van
Howards Grove "A"

Commercial Equipment Van Converted Utili-Master Van
Howards Grove "B"

 Commercial Equipment Van International/Union City Body Company Chassis Conversion

 Commercial Equipment Van Freightliner/Union City Body Company Chassis Conversion
New Franken

Commercial Equipment Van Converted Cube Van

Custom Pumper Refurbish Projects
Custom Pumper Simon-Duplex Chassis, New Aluminum Body Construction
Stanton Twp Vol FD

Custom Pumper Pierce Chassis, Refurb / Retrim Body and Pump
Long Lake

Custom Pumper 1975 Seagrave Chassis, Aluminum Body Construction

Commercial Pumper Refurbish Projects

Commercial Pumper  Mack Chassis, Crew Cab Module, Retrim Body and Pump

Commercial Tanker Refurbish Projects

Commercial Wet-Side Tanker 2009 Sterling Chassis, Refurb Aluminum Tank and New Body Construction
Allendale Charter Twp Fire Dept

Commercial Tanker Ford L8000 Chassis, Aluminum Lower Body Construction, 3000 Gal Poly Upper Body / Tank

Commercial Tanker International 4900 Chassis, Aluminum Body Construction, 2200 Gal Poly Tank
Tn. of Wausau

Commercial Wet-Side Tanker 1980 Ford Chassis, Aluminum Body Construction

Custom Aerial Refurbish Projects

Custom Aerial 1983 Pierce with a LTI ladder, Refurbished Cab, Body and Pump

Pumper Tanker Rescue Skid Utility 5th Wheel Convert Van

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